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[CP] The Toxic Beast
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
My name is Tommy Jeen, TJ for short. I am in my last year before graduating high school. I am working to be an engineer just like my mother. I am writing this journal to document what I have discovered about all the killings that has been happening around here. All of the discovered bodies were found in the forest or close to it. No one knows anything about it, not even the news articles in the papers know. It's like it is being hidden from us. The last person who said that they were going to find out disappeared a few days later. Anyway, I am going to do a little research on the topic online and (hopefully) be able to get something from some hunters or people who go out into the forest.
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
This is kinda freaking me out. I will not say where I got this information for I will most likely get into deep trouble. What I found was that all the killings were like animal attacks, like when the person or pet has been killed and eaten or shredded t
:iconawesomewaffle11:AwesomeWaffle11 6 5
Slenderman x E.J x L.J x Jeff x BEN
~BEN's Confession~
*Jeff’s pov*
I had just finished with my killing spree for the night. I was completely covered in blood from head to toe. I loved it, Then again what crazy psychopath wouldn’t? Anyway, as I walked through Slender’s woods, Yes; I, Jeff the Killer was currently walking in the Slenderman’s forest. But it’s not like he would attack me. I live with him for God’s sake. But I am not the only one; There are lot’s of Creepypastas; or scary internet stories as you’d think, lived with him in a Mansion somewhere in the middle of nowhere. But I didn’t care about them… much. Well, I do it’s just we have a love-hate relationship. Plus I love being a douche to them, it’s funny. But anyway, I just kept walking, I wasn’t in a hurry to get back, me and L.J or Laughing Jack as you may know him better as, we have been arguing. More than usual. Although, it’s really m
:iconleo14434:Leo14434 2 1
Creepypasta - Cataclysm
Cataclysm - Revamped
He sat the glass of water down in front of her. She looked away in defiance. "I'm not thirsty " she said still making no eye contact with the middle aged man in front of her.  "Your here to make progress, let's try to take it one step at a time " the therapist said in hopes to grab the girls attention
Nurses sit at a desk looking in terror at the little girl. Their whispers could be heard.  "Is that the girl who's mom was killed right in front of her? " "I heard her father was abusive " "where is he now? " The little girl, Kathy Walker, who was only merely eight years old, swiftly turned her head to the right with an enraged glare. "HEY! I CAN HEAR YOU!!! CUT IT OUT!!" She shouted. The nurses were still terrified but kept on whispering. "She really is insane..." "And yet she's so young too..." Kathy's right eye twitched. She let out a low growl and grabbed the plastic fork that was laid out for her along with a plastic knife and some food, considering it
:iconlyrakagamine010:LyraKagamine010 2 0
Creepypasta Story- The Wicked Women
11:00pm, in New England main street, In coffee shop.
Hello there, My name is Kevin LongStrong, I got my first job today, i know it's monday, sleep days always gets you to  avoid the job. I have busy days in seven weeks, I have no problem with that.
well today I have special date with a beautiful women that great gesture that no one ever saw before.Her eyes shines like the fullmoon of a honeymoon. Her skin shines like a tropical beach, her lips are so Glossip. She talks so wonderful like a gentle lady that would speak so beautifully.
Her Hair shines like a Tropical forest, Her own teeth shines like the wild. 
I always Serve her favorite coffee that was mocha latte. Oh she does wear women Office clothes, darker clothing kind. She more that person that always get noticeable to look for, most likely trades or offer.  I sat down to have polite conversation, She enjoys talking within being in General. She always tell me about her work and also how she finds Collectable items.
:iconmika-hyde:Mika-Hyde 1 0
The worst birthday present
I got the worst birthday present ever and just thinking about it still makes me want to vomit. You're probably thinking that I'm overreacting, but I am not and I guess I'll tell you about it just to show it.
This was on my 21st birthday and it was a pretty great, my family and friends were at my house. We were all having a great time and I was just starting to open my presents, until there was a knock on the front door and I started getting up. But my dad stopped me and being the good father that he is, told me to continue opening my presents while he went to go get it.
When my dad came back, he had the most confused look on his face and I asked what was wrong. He told me that when he opened the door, nobody was there and he just found this strange box at my door.
It was a medium size box that was wrapped in black wrapping paper and tied with a red bow, my dad set it down on the coffee table and everyone looked at each other confused. Curious, I undid the bow an
:iconhauntingmisery1:HauntingMisery1 2 0
The Monster Under The Bed(CreepyPasta/Scary Story)
Jimmy brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. He was tucked in his bed when his mother was about to turn off the lights. "Please don't turn off the lights, Mommy! You don't want the monster to come out!" "Oh please, Jimmy. There's no such thing as monsters!" His mother turned off the lights, and the room went pitch black. Jimmy slowly peeked under his bed, and there it was! The monster was under his bed. A tall man wearing all black, wearing a mask with blood stains on it. "Come on out to play!" said the man. Jimmy shrieked and faced the wall, hoping the man wouldn't come close. "Don't turn back. This will only hurt for a little bit..." A loud shriek shook the house. "Jimmy what's--- OH MY GOD! SOMEONE KILLED YOU!" His mother called 911 at the same moment she saw Jimmy's body. "911, what's your emergency?" "SOMEONE KILLED MY SON! PLEASE COME QUICK!" "The police will be right there, ma'am." Jimmy's mother had her fingers crossed, hoping the cops would come in time. The police arrived,
:iconsuperfirekitty1:SuperFireKitty1 1 0
Midetta the Killer. (true story).
LOCAL NEWS- Two famous killers wee caught near the same location. However suspected there is another killer still at large. Many people believe it is the child that went missing..years before.
LOCAL GOVERNMENT- The Third killer was caught in an abandoned factory with lots of other people wearing black coats. People believe tharlt they are working at the factory for the killer. It also explains why countless numbers of Children went missing.
The Killer was brought to the same place where the first two were. Each of them had a witness of an attack and survive their attacks.
Child: was a normal day outside. And my friend Sam and I were playing video games that day. We were out of school for the weekend. By 6:30 we got hungery and decided to go to our favorite place to eat. That's when I saw.....her...
Child: SHE KILLED MY FAMILY! EVERYONE I KNEW. I had a chose to work for her at the DISTURBING place! She called a Factory. The blood of the innocence were made into a crystal like fo
:iconlittlemisstreasure:LittleMissTreasure 3 14
The Rogue Creepypasta
Life of a creepypasta,you may know,is as classic as telling ghost stories,you come up with an idea,tell it to your friends and see how they react,they were nothing but ghost stories for the internet and that many have tried to create their own unique ones to tell,some may work,some may seem decent,and the ones that rip off get told,now let me you in on something,what if all of that is more then just what they may seem,what if there was a realm where these stories actually happen,and how they came to be the famous ones they are today,well when someone creates a creepypasta,that character get's created,with memories,powers and what else was used in their respected story,the realm of Creepypasta is as it sounds,a world/dimension inhabited by the veriest monsters and insane murderers of all kinds,it is a realm where chaos and madness rules and those who believe them to be true,that is mainly due to the effects of those who're going insane witch is a supernatural force,change the human mind
:iconthedragonlover95:thedragonlover95 1 14
Stallion Mr. Dav - Winter Appearance by DavidGhoullart Stallion Mr. Dav - Winter Appearance :icondavidghoullart:DavidGhoullart 25 12 When Demons Awake - Cap 1- Pag 15 (English) by j5a4 When Demons Awake - Cap 1- Pag 15 (English) :iconj5a4:j5a4 73 13
phantom engine
Things hadn’t been looking up for Jonathan, a local newspaper reporter in the area of New Hope. Sales had been going down and the newspaper was in some serious hot water after it’s report of a missing girl's body being found was wrong.
Jonathan hated the fact that he found himself in the whole mess. He couldn’t speak for his other workers but he was someone who spent a lot of time on the story he was working on until he was satisfied with the information he had. It may have gotten him in trouble for missing deadlines, but it paid off for the most part with not one of his articles getting called out for any false information.
Stressed out by the recent news and outrage of his company's latest article, Jonathan headed down to a cozy restaurant that he had passed a couple of times when traveling around town. The inn was quite old looking but was mostly up to date inside. It sat near a small waterfall on the left of it, and to the right was a railroad crossing. The parkin
:iconteamrandom21:teamrandom21 1 0
A Samon Gokuu doodle - Nanbaka by MyArchive72 A Samon Gokuu doodle - Nanbaka :iconmyarchive72:MyArchive72 102 8 Moth Man the Feared by Anastasia200 Moth Man the Feared :iconanastasia200:Anastasia200 1 0 I did not put much effort here. by Umar1000 I did not put much effort here. :iconumar1000:Umar1000 4 3 AfterTheBombs| Brooke Sage Sakura by TheShadowFell AfterTheBombs| Brooke Sage Sakura :icontheshadowfell:TheShadowFell 5 0 Pumpkins and friends #69: Nice view by MetaDoodles Pumpkins and friends #69: Nice view :iconmetadoodles:MetaDoodles 35 50


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